Greetings from Gayle

Hello and welcome to our website. We hope you have discovered something new about weight loss, or about your identity in Christ, as you have browsed through the different pages. We have many future plans, and they are coming about "in time". Many thanks to Warren and the staff at Wilderness Ministries (www.identity .cc) who have put in many hours in developing God's The Lord is blessing in so many ways, and we just say THANK YOU to our Father.

In our time together, I hope to bring you encouragement, and reality about the process of weight loss, and the principles of God's Weigh. There are many areas that are based on wise choices and they are all around us, but just need to be implemented. God has created our bodies so perfectly, that He has also implemented a "thermostat" to govern our food for "fuel". What a loving Father we have, He created taste buds, and palatability so we can enjoy our "fueling" time. Are you WAITING for that hunger sensation? and are you STOPPING when you reach satisfied.

Hunger-----HMMMM, just as we get hungry for food, we also get hungry for His Word. Run to His Word, soak in the message He has for you, afterall it is a loveletter, and we all love getting loveletters! AMEN!

Begin in a book and chapter that is easy to find these promises. His Word is full of "love" promises, as illustrated in John 10:14, when He calls us His sheep. "I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know Me, just as the Father knows me, and I know the Father." Realize this was written JUST for YOU!


Lovingly In Him (Baaa),

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